Select the appropriate sunscreen products


Sunscreen products have long had some acne skin irritation, but long acne skin sunscreen if you do not, then the sun after the formation of acne pigmentation. Reduce the burden of sunscreen greasy skin irritation and skin brought heavy feeling, acne muscle must not choose a heavy sense of strong physical sunscreen products, should choose the texture perfectly clear sunscreen. 25 years later, the skin began to decline, early skin aging face is easy to form fine lines, the need to strengthen moisturizing. In addition to the sun can damage the skin, plus sudden high summer temperatures, the stratum corneum moisture loss is more serious, sun coupled with dry, aging skin more easily. Sunscreen should be used early old muscle is added moisturizing sunscreen ingredients, apart from the strong ultraviolet light against deep moisturizing. If it is healthy skin, skin feel comfortable using your own sunscreen products can be. Experts suggest that there is no problem in selecting skin sunscreen, you can pick contain moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, soothing plant extracts and other ingredients of the product, and reduce UV damage to the skin.

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