Let the old man slept like a baby like sweet


Entered the aging stage, the elderly will inevitably encounter various sleep disorders. 64 years or older, 50 percent more people there is some degree of sleep disorders, and 1.5 hours of sleep per night less people will drop daytime alertness 1/3. In order to allow the old man slept like a baby like that sweet, American “Daily Health” website proposed to improve the quality of sleep ten elderly recommendations.
Check your medication situation. If you and your doctor suspects that drugs are the cause of poor sleep conditions can change clothes consider another drug, medication or change the time of the taking or reduce the dose. Effects of sleep medications include five categories, antibiotics, corticosteroids, asthma drugs, diuretics and antidepressants.
Avoid drinking stimulating drinks. Older people do not drink espresso and tea, because such drinks make rapid heartbeat, causing over-excitement and insomnia. Caffeine reduces sleep time, the depth shallow sleep, sleep for three hours before the biggest hindrance.
A cup of hot milk before bedtime. A cup of hot milk before bed can help improve sleep quality, because milk contains tryptophan, have the effect of sleep aids. This amino acid is found in all dairy products among. In addition, milk is rich in natural form of biological peptides, allowing nerves to get relief, so that the elderly fall asleep more easily.
Eat dairy products. If you worry about drinking milk will cause older people urinate frequently, you can switch to eating other dairy products such as cheese or yogurt to Sleep. Dairy products are also rich in calcium, calcium has a role to relax the nerves.
Fixed time for aerobic exercise. Fixed time every day to do aerobic exercise, such as jogging, cycling and swimming, but do not be scheduled before falling asleep. Bedtime can do some relaxation exercises, such as yoga, meditation and tai chi.
Are 1 to 2 hours of sun a day sun. The sun is actually melatonin and sleep aids for proposals. Melatonin is no light in the dark environment secreted by the human body hormones, which can lead to people’s sleep. During the day more than the sun, is through light irradiation, inhibits the body’s secretion of this hormone, people awake during the day. Do not wait until the evening, when exposed to light, it will be completely released, quickly go to sleep.
Maintain a stable lifestyle. University of Alabama American psychologists found that to maintain stable and consistent schedule (such as where to eat, when to start work and at the same time each day outings, etc.) there is a correlation between the quality of sleep.
Create a comfortable sleeping environment. Including quiet bedroom, suitable temperature and comfortable bedding and so on. Light is also an important condition to sleep, bedtime should draw the curtains, turn off all kinds of power. Whether high or low outdoor temperatures, ventilation windows before going to bed should be. Choose a comfortable bed, pillow soft and hard to moderate.
Repeat the same thing every night before bed. Such as watching television after practicing calligraphy, painting, or reading a book, or a hot shower with warm feet; reduced light intensity, listen to soothing music; keeps repeating inertia conducive to the stability of the biological clock.
Use pink noise to sleep. Pink noise is the kind of energy at all frequencies are the same random noise, able to play a slower brain waves and regulation. Experts suggest that the fan noise generator set or a smooth continuous sound can be issued, or to imitate the sound of nature windy rain. In addition, you can also download specialized programs can play pink noise.


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