Dizziness diabetic patients can not be ignored


High or low blood sugar in diabetic patients with dizziness, weakness and other symptoms may occur, but the more obvious hazards of hypoglycemia, its degree of harm depends on the degree of blood glucose levels fall, the rate of decline and duration of hypoglycemia. Therefore, the process of treatment of diabetes, especially in patients with insulin should be especially vigilant. Once dizziness, blood glucose should be monitored at night, beware of hypoglycemia. Infection, trauma, diarrhea, vomiting or eat a lot of sweets, automatic withdrawal, can lead to a sudden increase in blood sugar in diabetic patients in a short time. If the rise too fast, it may cause dizziness, and even life-threatening. To change this situation, you should maintain regular monitoring of blood sugar habit, if we find a sharp rise in blood sugar, these reasons should control whether they see these problems, and resolved under the guidance of doctors. Diabetic patients with hypertension, the disease is usually rapid development, serious consequences. Hypertension is the most common manifestations of dizziness. Therefore, once discovered, dizziness, excluding the above two cases, it must test their blood pressure, blood pressure to see whether they have abnormal situation. For the already merged with diabetes know their blood pressure, you should consider whether excessive use of antihypertensive agents, blood pressure drop too low. Note the presence or absence of cerebral vascular lesions, such as cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disorders and cerebral arteriosclerosis. If these patients may be due to insufficient blood flow to the brain and blood glucose and oxygen dizziness. Especially in patients with diabetes and hypertension in particular, should pay attention to the occurrence of cerebral vascular disease. Therefore, once the ongoing dizziness, it is best to do ECG, CT examination. Promptly take necessary medication.

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