Tips for sports drinks


Because ordinary sports drinks and beverages, as both contain high sugar content, so a lot of people actually are not applicable, diabetes, overweight people is not fit to drink sugary sports drinks. High blood pressure, heart problems who are not fit to drink with electrolytes such as sodium high functional beverages. Most people after exercise, add plenty of water (drinking water), and then with natural fruit is the best choice. When do you need that the supplementary motor function to drink? Experts said the easiest way is to judge according to body weight. Because dehydration is the main reason for weight loss after exercise, so we can “pre-exercise weight after subtracting the motion before exercise weight divided by weight” method to calculate the proportion of total body weight dehydration. when the amount is less than 1% dehydration of body weight, you will feel mild thirst, then only need to supplement ordinary water; When dehydration accounted for 2% -3% of body weight to 50 kg of body weight as an example , 1-1.5 kg weight loss after exercise, the need to add salt concentrations of less than 0.9%; only when dehydration is greater than 4% of body weight, the only need to add sports drinks. At this point the movement consumes a lot of water, electrolytes, sodium and potassium and other substances as also a huge loss, this time to supplement sports drinks can help restore body functions.

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