The correct method of brushing


Many people do not spend enough time to brush your teeth. Most dentists recommend brushing 2-3 minutes, but very few people can do it. You might have looked in the mirror every day to brush your teeth, take a serious look at the process of brushing it. Gums, plaque and bacteria can cause plaque, causing gum inflammation and infection; tooth wear, and may be TMJ problems or signs of sleep apnea. Careful observation of these unusual changes, and inform the doctor at the dentist. Covering the surface of the tooth enamel, as fragile as glass. When you saw the tree, like around like brushing teeth, may lead to cracks in the enamel and weaken teeth function. The correct approach is to brush and tooth surface at a 45-degree angle, a way to draw a small circle minority concentrated brush teeth, then move on to the next group, brushing the front and back of the upper and lower teeth, and then straight brush occlusal surface and, finally, lightly about gums, remove plaque and bacteria. Brushing too hard and the enamel will be more likely to be damaged, and the grip toothbrush grinding, the risk is even greater, strong lateral brushing until then, it is likely to result in the formation of the internal fragmentation of the gap near the gums. With the continuous pressure to the teeth may also deepen the internal layers of dentin and cementum. More importantly, way too intense brushing may also cause traumatic sensitive gums, causing gum inflammation and gum recession.

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