Summer Skin Care Clean


Scorching summer, exposure to the sun, sweat, sebum surge, coupled with dust in the air, the pores easily accumulate dirt, after the death of the old skin cells not naturally falling off, the surface area of ​​the skin will be thicker and do deep cleaning work, so as to ensure the smooth skin to breathe. T zone oil secretion particularly strong, coarse pores large, easy to grow in the summer acne, blackheads and grease particles, cheeks and around the eyes on both sides are more dry, rough epidermis lack luster, so I chose a different skin care products to clean the intensity is the key. Do not use exfoliating products every day, not only will harm the cuticle, will also affect the normal metabolism of the skin. In addition, high-intensity ultraviolet radiation will cause skin irritation, so the summer when cleansing massage techniques to note gentle. If it is not waterproof sunscreen with anti-sweat function, generally do not need to dismount, just use common cleansing products clean and appropriate time to increase the massage.

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