Away from the habit of heart disease


Too often do strenuous exercise can damage the human heart, in particular can lead to atrial fibrillation. Here that strenuous exercise means “able to sweat out a campaign.” Compared with people who do not perform strenuous exercise, the chance for 5 to 7 times a week intense exercise appears to increase by about 20% of atrial fibrillation. On the contrary, if people do light exercise five times a week (the movement of people with mild asthma), every 30 minutes of exercise, can make their own risk of heart attack and stroke by 35% to 50%, and improve good cholesterol levels in vivo. People are fully aware of their body mass index, blood pressure, lipids and glucose levels, in order to effectively prevent and respond to heart disease. People often in life if too much pressure, depression state, there will be increased blood sugar levels, abdominal fat accumulation, weight gain, elevated triglyceride levels and other symptoms, but the probability of the occurrence of blood clots and heart disease will be significantly higher.

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