Has the cosmetology effect element


Fullerenes can be very effective and radical pro, so now will be applied to water-soluble fullerenes in cosmetics. It’s not been inhibited melanin production whitening method, but by controlling its roots radicals to simultaneously achieve whitening and anti-aging effect. Almonds acid is a lipophilic acid, can be said to be the most gentle AHA. Effectively inhibit skin two elements called “melanin manufacturing factory”: “tyrosine enzyme” and “tyrosine”, can block the formation of melanin, are more effective than other whitening ingredients. Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compounds, mainly from grapes (red wine), knotweed, peanuts, mulberries and other plants. Resveratrol effectively remove free radicals; and biological properties of resveratrol is able to enhance collagen synthesis and metabolism in order to effectively improve the skin.

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