Fitness misperceptions


In running, for example, if sustained over one hour in the sun under the hot summer of intense exercise, and did not do the proper pace, easy to cause great harm to the body. Many people pick up the pace in order to break the rhythm of individual results, but more than 10 kilometers per hour or more, and without pace, it is very likely to cause injuries. Generally speaking, if one finds breathe while running than usual, and even dizziness, palpitations, dizziness and other symptoms, the average rate on behalf of running too fast, regulation should be done as soon as possible, to reduce the risk of bodily harm. To emphasize muscle stretching yoga exercise, for example, found that many people ignore the clinical pain caused by the information that the muscle is stretched to feel pain is right, do insist on bending angle over his body can afford or action, but when accompanied by pain occurs, will have to pay attention to sports injuries may have formed. Sports pursuit of health, busy people can use every day fragmented time 10-15 minutes of activity, (1) the cumulative 30 minutes a day; (2) the cumulative 150 minutes a week of segmented movement; more importantly (3) per time required to achieve exercise heart rate more than 60% of personal maximum heart rate, can be called effective exercise heart rate. (Formula: maximum heart rate = 220 adults – actual age.)

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