Abdominal breathing can relieve the pressure of life


Long-term low pressure will quietly aggravate our mental load, thus causing the occurrence of cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems, such as a series of diseases. This is actually the same as warm boiled frog, increasing the water temperature is imperceptible, the frog will not know paralysis in warm water to escape, or even the freedom to roam, but in time to accumulate to a certain extent, the frog will be killed in the “gentle “inside.
Nowadays, everyone learn self-regulation is very important. We must learn to perceive: ask myself, why can not sleep lately? What makes me upset? Why should I worry about it doing well? We must learn to pursue causes of stress, and to respond as quickly as possible.

When you feel the pressure exists, give yourself three minutes, the eyes gently closed, will focus entirely on their breath, exhale longer than inhale with abdominal breathing. In addition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, reasonable diet, alternating hot and cold water, bathing and other methods can also reduce stress for us.


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