How to Avoid frequent hair loss


First, for a long time in front of the computer easy fatigue, long-term state of tension in the central nervous system, autonomic disorders, skin vasoconstriction dysfunction, local vasoconstriction scalp for reducing the blood, causing the hair follicle malnutrition. Secondly, frequent stay up late, irregular work and rest, poor sleep quality also easy to hair loss. So how to improve the verge of baldness or alopecia state? We must first understand their scalp condition. The most healthy state is slightly blue scalp, a hair follicle region thirty-four thick black hair. Secondly, to develop their own shampoo frequency. Finally, selected for their shampoo products. Select inferior shampoo products can also cause hair loss. Use of pure plant, pure natural, not strong alkaline shampoo for scalp damage will be smaller.

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