Whether tea can add milk


Milk does not affect the absorption of polyphenols substances, and whether you can make people more healthy polyphenols lack of sufficient evidence to support, so we do not care whether the problem can be added to milk tea. Tea can make the probability of occurrence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease decreased, so scientists have speculated that the tea polyphenol compounds played a role. Tea polyphenol compounds are usually called “polyphenols”, has antioxidant, can reduce oxidative damage to cells. However, milk protein may be combined with polyphenolic compounds. This combination will affect the efficacy of tea, it caused concern. Although milk can be considered a long history of tea, but the problem still caused a lot of scientific research. In the test tube is not difficult problem. In science, there are many ways to detect the antioxidant activity of a substance. Scientists use these methods to detect soaked tea – Sure, tea has a very good antioxidant activity. If you join the British tea is usually added when the amount of milk in the tea, the results of antioxidant activity really is greatly reduced. So look, it does seem to suggest that milk tea can inhibit the “health function.” However, after the stomach to drink milk proteins are broken down digestion, polyphenols may well be re-released, so this study can not be representative of the actual situation.

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