How to avoid sports injuries


When the body has not fully stretched exercise, strength is not enough, poor physical coordination, case sprain injury prone, but also may be due to excessive movement during exercise, injuries to the ankle, knee or waist. Strengthen self-protection movement. To select the appropriate sports venues, wearing a good sports equipment, and learn about some movement in the process of self-protection action. For example, when about to fall, we should immediately bow, elbow, tuck in the back ground, homeopathy rolling action, not arm brace to avoid fractures. Movement pattern should be selected according to their age and condition. People over the age of 50 is not suitable for strenuous exercise; If cardiopulmonary function well, blindly increase the amount of exercise will cause cardiac load is too large; suffering from lumbar disc crunches person unfit to practice sports. The best way to cross carry a variety of sports. More choices campaign mode, both can develop more interest in sport, and also avoid muscle strain. If you really like strenuous exercise, the best professional athlete or fitness trainer to guide and standardize the operation and reduce the damage. After sprain, should be immediately given a cold compress to prevent excessive local tissue swelling and relieve pain.

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