Pu’er oats are vascular “scavenger”


Pu’er Tea stimulate the stomach is relatively small, containing a variety of polyphenols and other healthy ingredients. The study found that tea has significantly inhibit diabetes-related biological enzymes, helps stabilize blood sugar. Use boiling water 100 ℃ when brewing. Best to drink tea to wash it again, because most of the tea is every other year or even years after drinking. Oats are rich in β glucan and dietary fiber, can inhibit the body’s absorption of cholesterol, regulating blood lipids have a good effect. Moreover, oats can bring a strong sense of satiety, hungry people for a long time. Recommended to choose the most “pure” oats, namely large, whole, without crushing, and does not add any sugar, oats, cream and other ingredients. Available their porridge, add some nuts, nutritious and delicious. Celery is rich in potassium and apigenin, which are conducive to control blood pressure. Suitable for drinking celery juice does help lower blood pressure. Black beans are rich in anthocyanins, can eliminate free radicals, lower cholesterol, and promote blood circulation. In addition, there anthocyanins eye effect.

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