The pros and cons of running in the morning


A lot of people to lose weight, morning exercise, do not eat breakfast even. One to save time, and secondly, those who think better in the morning fasting treadmill weight loss results, do both. The actual situation is it really? We take a look in the morning fasting jogging to lose weight?
Fasting morning jogging hazards:
Running will make some people in the morning fasting hypoglycemia symptoms, and sugar is the most economical when the body running, the most direct source of energy. Low blood sugar can cause a variety of symptoms such as palpitation, sweating, trembling hands, etc. If this happens, be sure to add sugar as soon as possible (such as eating a piece of candy), so blood sugar rise quickly. Therefore, the process of long-distance runners in particular should pay attention to add sugar and water, which is to ensure the human body environment, but also to ensure energy supply. Recommend fasting for running mat meal manner as previously ran eating a banana, half a loaf, etc., can be run after dinner.
Fasting should not be running in the morning before
Why not encourage fasting running, because if you’re running to lose weight, running process will consume more energy and, if not promptly added, it might give body to bring irreparable damage, adverse long-term effect on the body. In addition, due to the excessive consumption while running, will be more intense hunger after running, so there may make you unconsciously eat more food, increase the chance of weight rebound, resulting in the opposite effect of running to lose weight .
Before jogging in the morning should not eat too full
In addition, with regard to the problem of running satiety. Fasting running unhealthy, but it’s best to avoid running satiety. Food into the stomach to digest, this time focused on a lot of blood in the gastrointestinal, if running may cause indigestion, can also cause stomach sag; satiety running will increase the risk of appendicitis. At least 30 minutes after the meal to be movement, but a small meal after meal breaks to double extended.
In summary, fasting jogging to lose weight more harm than good. Fasting jogging to lose weight though it seemed to burn fat faster, but is detrimental to health. While we want to lose weight, to a slim figure, but more needs a healthy body. Reasonable to lose weight you need to choose a healthy scientific movement method, using the wrong way to lose weight, there may be counterproductive Oh. If fasting is not only not help running to lose weight, but also endanger the health of Oh!


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  1. ibear says:

    Treadmill weight loss should be a lot of people want to try the method. But while there are a lot of people think that fasting jogging to lose weight more quickly burn fat, running better weight loss. As everyone knows, fasting jogging to lose weight will not only increase the chance of weight regain, but also cause damage to the body.

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