Wholesome laughter


Laughter, each of us will, but in fact, it is also a very good aerobic exercise, equivalent to jogging. Laugh often, is both fun and easy to do and can insist on heart health exercise, is to resist the invasion of the disease, “bullet-proof vest.” In a study also proved that the United States, this “laughter movement” can improve mood, reduce stress hormones, improve immune system function, lower blood pressure and reduce harmful cholesterol levels. It is the same with exercise, can stimulate the appetite and help malnourished people mobilize desire for food. In addition, suddenly burst out laughing and gym fitness games produced similar effects on the body, helping a strong body to burn fat. When a person watching humorous movies, the body will greatly reduce the stress hormone, metabolism mechanism to get excited fluid will accelerate blood circulation, and this is bound to accelerate the discharge function of burning body fat and toxins, the immune system is also greatly enhanced. However, we must note that we usually laugh, although beneficial to health, but usually for only a few seconds of laughter in general, and the magnitude is not large, so the effect of fitness and health centers will not be too obvious. To truly through the “smile” to achieve the effect of exercise are tricks that must be continuously laughing every minute and a half or more, and the need to meet certain fat gas, movements and facial expressions.

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