Face Skin Care Tips for Summer


There are a lot of people’s facial skin sebaceous glands and sweat glands, all the time in the synthesis of natural invisible protective film. Some male friends like to use alkaline soap to wash the stain that this can aggregate, appear to be more white, but in fact the more you use soap, “oil”, the more oil-producing sebaceous glands, because the soap itself is not with clear cell constituents endoplasmic garbage recommended daily care routine, then you can use some cosmetic line of skin care products for facial cleansing, skin whitening you want, then you can choose some warm permeability and cellular repair functions have professional whitening product line or self-deployment of some of the essential oils to the water, he could feel. Hot water can completely remove protective film face, so wash with soap after adding hot water, a person’s skin will feel very tight uncomfortable. In fact, even in the winter do not need hot water wash, you can wash away the dust face with cold water only, but also exercise the facial blood vessels and nerves, clear the brain. But some chubby also mentioned cold day with cold water, then will not stand, but full of cold water to remove surface dirt is not conducive, it is recommended to use warm water to wash, as warm water temperatures How much is based on the actual situation of the individual to specific regulation, good physique can warm in the colder, or you can bring the temperature of the constitution can not stand the heat, so as to better adapt.

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