How to effectively alleviate sports fatigue


After the end of the exercise must be carried out 10 to 15 minutes of finishing exercise. Finishing sports including jogging, static stretching exercise, mainly to allow cardio to have a slow process of adaptation, as in sports, cardiopulmonary workload, a lot of blood to transport oxygen to the heart and lungs, if the end of the exercise, a sudden stop , a sudden drop in heart and lung function, which is conveyed not only to reduce the oxygen content to the lung, but not the more important is the metabolic waste from the body. Therefore, after the end of the exercise, especially after strenuous exercise ended, the best run again in two steps, giving the body a gradual recovery process. Of course, such as jogging, exercise like brisk walking, because the amount of activity on their own small, thus finishing activities can be appropriately omitted. Massage is one of the important means to promote recovery, it is because moderate massage can promote blood circulation, accelerate the repair of the injury site. During exercise, especially when some of strenuous exercise, the body will produce some damage, some damage is extremely subtle, even imperceptible to people, but this can damage the body repair itself, without the aid of other treatments. Moderate massage can accelerate the speed of self-repair, and therefore, the sports massage can make yourself better recovery. Of course, you can also do some appropriate relaxation activities such as Shiver legs, relax the muscles and joints, but also can play a good recovery results.

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