Vitamin Drink Tips


40 kinds of nutrients the body needs, it should come from a variety of foods, through a reasonable diet should be able to meet the requirements. Through drink or drinks can also provide a certain amount of nutrients, but should not be used as the main source of nutrient elements the body needs. Vitamin added beverages are mostly synthetic vitamins, and some of the natural structure of the same, some different. Fruit vitamins are natural, in addition to vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, it also contains healthy plant compounds, such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, etc. It is not offered drinks. In addition, while fruits contain vitamins, also contains other nutrients, can play a synergistic role in promoting the absorption and utilization of other nutrients. Vitamin drinks are not a substitute for fruit. Most drinks contain sugar added to it, contains more energy. For example, a vitamin C drink, 200 ml containing about 76 kcal of energy, according to at least 1200 ml of normal water each day, compared with the water, there will be more intake of about 450 kcal energy, which if not through exercise been consumed, the body will turn into fat storage, it may lead to long to go overweight or obese. Vitamin nutrients contained in a single drink, than a lot of fruit or vegetables and wholesome nutrients prime ingredients. Multi-vitamins are often sugary drinks, will affect the appetite, the impact of three meals a day, appeared the problem of inadequate micronutrient intake.

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