Ways to prevent hair loss


Particularly greasy hair who can appropriately increase the number of shampoo, but if not outdoor workers or people with special needs cleaning, try not to wash your hair every day; dry hair people, summer shampoo twice a week, once a week in winter you can; hybrid human hair, can increase or decrease the corresponding number according to dandruff shampoo, the summer 2-3 days, 3-4 days of winter can wash a head. In addition, every shampoo to wash, stick with the conditioner, do not rinse the residue in the head. Do not use plastic and nylon comb, try to choose a peach comb and horn combs, hair beneficial to health. We do not require hair under 100 a day, morning and evening comb twice, but do not use sharp teeth hard to draw the scalp, gently comb the hair from the hair root on the line. Healthy hair follicles from the hair follicles of the health needs of a variety of nutrients. Protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, fatty acids, calcium, iron, zinc, etc. can promote hair growth, usually can add beans, grains, fish and fruit. Avoid eating salty spicy sweet side. Many patients, especially the modern male hair loss, hair loss reasons from excessive stress and lack of long-term sleep. I suggest that you: to learn to self-relaxation, self-decompression, and more to the outdoor fresh air, exercise regularly to enhance immunity, maintain a pleasant mood, is the basic condition for the prevention of hair loss. In addition to working to minimize the internet and game time, to ensure adequate sleep. Studies have found that: long-term smokers will be lower than the normal average temperature of about 1 degree temperature drop will affect the blood supply to the scalp, causing hair loss. Even if I do not smoke, smoke in the environment will be affected. In addition, excessive drinking is a major cause of hair loss. So, you want to have good hair, you must quit alcohol limit.

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