Morning exercises the best of fasting


Morning exercises fasting better weight loss, lipid levels decline is greater. Before breakfast workout weight loss exercise is better than after eating breakfast. Not only can consume more body fat, and helps to greatly reduce blood lipid levels. The researchers invited 10 male participants who accept the three tests: the first time without any movement, the second in brisk walking one hour before breakfast, after the third breakfast brisk walking one hour. The results showed that exercise than not to exercise to lose weight, exercise and fasting than postprandial exercise consume 33% fat, lower blood lipid levels greater magnitude. If an empty stomach before breakfast every day of brisk walking exercise, adhere to 10 days or so, reduce one pound of body weight (about 0.45 kilograms). Fasting should exercise, as the case may be, under normal circumstances are relatively safe, the stored energy is sufficient to ensure human 90-2 minutes of exercise. But if the games do not eat so that you do not apply, may be appropriate to eat something and then exercise also helps weight loss and healthy.

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