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Eat: Drink plenty of water, drink carbonated beverages, carbonated drinks and drinks with high sugar content that will make your stomach bulging like a balloon; do not eat fries, salt will retain moisture, especially before the menstrual period ; do not always chew gum, chewing gum makes you swallow too much air, the stomach will swell and bulge; If you feel defecation flow, drink coffee, a cup or two cups of coffee can help purge.
Wear: Use the recoil underwear, high waist panty or athletic, you can make people look thinner one inch or more, however, excess fat in tight underwear will stand out; to choose the most suitable for your dress now , preferring bigger not too tight, do not consider the size, no one will see you dress label, but if your clothes too tight, you’ll probably exposed belly meat, so put your best body part show, attracting the attention of others, to divert attention from your fat abdomen;
Choose the color for you, to make it show in your body brilliance, if the color uniform (same color) dress with such tops, short skirts or trousers and shoes are the same color, it will show the body was elongated effect; selection does not highlight the abdomen fabrics. Silk, rayon, knitwear and jersey rough surfaces usually have a good effect, make the abdomen appear flat; wear high heels will have a good effect, allows you to always remember to remind yourself abdomen, and show tall; choosing decorations, beautiful earrings and necklaces, or colorful scarves, will attract people’s attention, make people pay attention to your face, rather than staring at your dead body.
Activity: When lifting the shoulders breath pressure can reduce the body, so the full participation of abdominal movement – the movement of the abdominal muscle is responsible; To maintain optimal posture, slouch forward will make your belly more prominent, and good manners is to make the abdomen flat panacea.


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