Mouth ulcers for a long time can not heal may be diabetes


Diabetes is a systemic disease, the various organs of the body are likely to be implicated, oral is no exception. When blood sugar, the sugar will increase in saliva, is conducive to breeding of bacteria in the mouth. In addition, the immune status of patients with diabetes the body is not normal, that is, decreased body resistance, but also for oral infection “green light.” Diabetes mellitus has become the sixth largest oral complications of diabetes, but also for many years been overlooked symptoms. Summer is the high incidence of oral ulcers and bleeding gums, a lot of people think that this is caused by lit, oral problems such as repeated, in the treatment of oral diseases, but also to the endocrinology blood glucose testing. In addition, good glycemic control in diabetic patients, we must also always pay attention to oral hygiene.aipxtk_bear2003

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