Usually drink carbonated drinks are prone to cause osteoporosis


The study found that compared to drink or not drink carbonated beverages chubby, chubby little drunk carbonated drinks milk, and rarely eat fiber-rich, vitamin D, protein, magnesium and potassium and other substances of healthy foods, the results led them to osteoporosis, physical decline. Experts point out that 90% of young human bone mass depends on the accumulation, especially in the 16 to 25 years old during that time. Too young to drink carbonated drinks, it might give people the future osteoporosis lay hidden. Daily moderate exercise, but not exercise the bigger the better, too much exercise can also cause loss of calcium, as calcium is not timely, are likely to cause osteoporosis. The doctor suggested that young people such as low back pain, bone and joint pain or mild traumatic fractures, should be timely medical examination to rule out osteoporosis. Calcium intake, especially high calcium intake for the prevention of osteoporosis have an irreplaceable role, the preferred calcium carbonate, calcium acetate.aipxtk.net_09mmt

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