Men Running Fitness what needs attention


Marathon belong to aerobic exercise, the body’s major organs involved in cycling, especially the respiratory system. In the running process, the body’s demand for oxygen increased, so pay attention to good breathing rhythm. Under normal circumstances, can be a two-step or three steps suck suck, can not pay attention to the rhythm of ups and downs too large. On Aspiration should be used nasal breathing and suction mouth and nose mix, available tongue against the palate, to avoid inhalation of cold air directly caused a lot of irritation on the chest. In long-distance running, because the oxygen supply behind the muscle activity needed, and therefore run the process will be “suited” phenomenon, people feel legs heavy, chest nausea, breathing difficulties and do not want to continue to run down. At this time, should be appropriate to reduce the running speed, regulate breathing rhythm, stick and ran down determination. Soon, the difficulties can be overcome. Many people are used to a finish immediately go back to rest, in fact, this is not good. After running, the human body to get up and down the activity, then, to further improve the basic quality of the exercise, you can get a good fitness results.
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