Summer sweating to lose weight is no scientific basis


Summer sweating to lose weight and there is no scientific basis in fact, the human body is distributed about 3 million sweat glands, which secrete an end to the Ministry, the role of the secretion of sweat; the other end of the excretory part, directly opening on the skin surface, called Porokeratosis. Discharge sweat, there is the role of regulating body temperature, but also the discharge portion of metabolic waste. Under normal conditions, sweating is a reflex activity, secretion of sweat glands may be warm or mental stress caused by sexual stimulation. When the heat-induced vasodilation, blood in the water to transfer heat to the skin surface, and then evaporated with the sweat, the heat to the surrounding environment. But sweating can secrete a small amount of heat, people in the state only temporarily alleviate the loss of body weight, while normal weight loss refers to the reduction of fat. Chuyishenhan can lose weight every day, in fact, say that proper exercise daily, consume a certain amount of heat, so can lose weight but also to maintain health.

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