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If you have sensitive skin or skin allergies, hair dye is very easy to cause allergy problems. So before hair, a work must be done is to carry out a skin test, the little hair dye applied on the inside of the wrist, appeared red itchy allergy to prove that you belong to, or that you are allergic to this hair dye, you should immediately dispel the idea of ??hair so as not to suffer from dermatitis. Dry hair should wash your hair the way popular barber shop, dry hair have a strong water absorption, the direct use of surfactant shampoo will make it into the hair, while the active agent after only one or two simple washing it is impossible to remove and clean, they are left in the hair, it will destroy the hair keratin to make hair dull. Hair done regularly can improve hair health care, but the growth of hair will not play any role, because hair grows from the scalp is no longer viable. This organization is similar to fingernails, is really a viable hair root, which is to promote hair growth of cell populations, can aid a healthy scalp massage to promote hair growth. Scalp massage method is very simple, and placed his hands on his forehead, to rows of finger pulp, starting from the eyebrows to the sides of the center line and gently pressed, until you reach the temple so far, and then close the fingers, fingertips in the temple, circular motion clockwise direction six times; then counterclockwise circle six times.ade8e208jw1ej6a3f29csj20hs0np11h

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