Four time should not bathe


1, low blood pressure should not take a bath
Because the bath water temperature is high, make people vasodilation, hypotension people prone to cerebral insufficiency, occurs collapse.
2, should immediately take a bath after work
Whether it is the physical or mental, should be a short break and then take a shower, otherwise easily lead to the heart, brain ischemia, and even fainting occur.
3, the drink should not bathe
Alcohol inhibits the functional activity of the liver, hindering the release of glycogen. While taking a bath, the body’s glucose consumption will increase. Drinking and bathing, not replenish blood sugar, prone to dizziness, vertigo, weakness, severe cases may hypoglycemia coma.
4, should not take a bath after dinner
Bath after a meal, the body skin surface blood vessels are stimulated expansion of hot water, more blood flow to the surface, the relative reduction in blood supply to the abdominal cavity, it will affect the digestion and absorption, causing low blood sugar, or even collapse, collapsed.
The best arrangement is recommended that you take a bath in 1-2 hours after a meal, each lasting no more than half an hour. In addition, elderly people and poor physical fitness preferably in winter bathing noon, indoor and outdoor temperature bath closest to the day, this is not easy to catch a cold.


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