Cause of hypertension


Large salt causes high blood pressure in high-risk, in recent years, the incidence of hypertension, and tastes too heavy, too much salt to eat, and therefore, reduce the incidence of high blood pressure, be sure to reduce sodium intake . Hypertension-related morbidity and personality, in general, emotional irritability, personality relatively hot, impatient person, easily lead to hypertension disease. Life, many bad habits, changes in eating habits are the main cause of high blood pressure, such as heavy drinking, smoking can lead to high blood pressure, in addition, people who like to stay up late, but also easily lead to hypertensive disease, and for this patients must be vigilant. Obesity in modern society has become more and more common, obesity rates increasing students, hypertension and obesity is also an important factor raised. Relevant data show that overweight and obese, the incidence of hypertension, the probability is much more than the average person suffering from hypertension.

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