ECG abnormalities are not necessarily heart disease


Many people in the hospital electrocardiogram examination, will find “sinus arrhythmia,” Does this mean heart problems? Diagnosis of heart disease as an important auxiliary examination, electrocardiogram does have some guidance. But sometimes, is not necessarily abnormal electrocardiogram had a heart attack. Apart “sinus arrhythmia”, and “sinus tachycardia” and “ST segment change” is the most common ECG “abnormal” phenomenon. The so-called “sinus” is actually not a pathological phenomenon, it is a professional medical terminology, are in fact normal “sinus” because most people have some cardiac arrhythmia or less, most of which with breathing rhythms, in the examination If “sinus arrhythmia”, proved to be normal. “Sinus tachycardia” This ECG “abnormal” phenomenon, there may be other diseases or psychological factors. Usually, when people in a fever, can cause rapid heartbeat, elevated body temperature once every heartbeat increase 15-20 times. So, if the heat is not accelerating heartbeat, but it is not a normal phenomenon. In addition to disease factors, as well as emotional stress and after exercise can cause sinus tachycardia. “ST segment” probably not many people really know that it is one of the basis for the diagnosis of the presence or absence of myocardial ischemia. When the “ST segment” down show cardiac insufficiency, coronary heart disease may be due to, but not exactly. Because autonomic dysfunction syndrome who also happen “ST segment” down, and some even drink a few mouthfuls of cold water had a similar situation. Moment “ST segment” down and do not represent the heart of a problem, only those persistent ST-segment changes, or accompanied by angina, the only meaningful diagnosis. By the previous description, we will understand the heart is affected by neurological, psychiatric and endocrine systems, inspection is not representative of ECG abnormalities have heart disease. Easily lead to excessive stress may actually checks appear “abnormal”, it is recommended to calmly.

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