How to select medicinal vitamin D


Vitamin D is a general term for a class of compound is currently at least 10 known species of the most important human vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. Because closely with sunlight, vitamin D also known as the “sunshine vitamin.” Most vitamin D3 is formed by ultraviolet irradiation after subcutaneous human steroid substance, the main role is to increase the calcium and phosphorus intestinal absorption, promote growth and bone calcification, improve osteoporosis symptoms. When sufficient vitamin D, calcium absorption was smooth. Sun can promote the synthesis of vitamin D, thus promoting calcium absorption. If this is still insufficient, you can consider additional supplement. Although vitamin supplements available in the market, but mainly for a balanced diet and some special populations. If the problem of low vitamin D does exist, there are three special supplement on clinical drug can be prescribed by a doctor selected according to specific circumstances. Vitamin D pills. Its main ingredient is vitamin D2, after ingestion of 25 – hydroxylase system generates calcifediol catalytic particles in the cell body, and then the catalytic enzyme systems associated renal tubular cells to generate biological activity has calcitriol . Alfacalcidol. After taking the drug in the liver was quickly converted into 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, the latter metabolite of vitamin D3, can play a role in regulating calcium and phosphate metabolism. Calcitriol. The main ingredient of the drug is the most important activity of vitamin D3 metabolites, the effect is obvious, generally do not need to and after taking other vitamin D preparations in combination, in order to avoid high vitamin D levels.

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