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Fitness wholesome, sleep helps physical recovery, so that the body is full of vitality. The idea to aspire to a healthy body, people would be healthier. Good ideas can change a person’s thoughts and minds. When we want a good, positive things, the brain secrete endorphins, feel comfortable; want bad things to have the opposite substance, people get sick, accelerated aging. Minimize the intake of high protein, high fat, high calorie foods, fruits, vegetables, sprouts and other food inclusive of large amounts of water, the body’s energy supply abundant moisture, vitamins and dietary fiber, can help dilute the body of waste and toxins and excrete . Meal should eat fruit, eat vegetables; eat a protein meal, do not mix chicken, duck, fish, meat, etc.; finally eat the staple food, and with the thickness for the best. Heavy salty, sweet, oil taste, easily lead to blood viscosity, decreased immunity. Hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, liver cirrhosis, stomach cancer and other diseases related with too much salt. Human daily intake of salt should not be more than 6 grams. Fats in the blood sticky. Control appetite, reduce the burden on the stomach.

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