Induced pharyngitis bad habits


Often stays up late, smoking, air-conditioned rooms long time , can cause tonsillitis, pharyngitis recurrence. Heat, cold, or spicy foods, or addicted to drink spirits, tea, will make pharyngeal mucosa often in congestion state, heavier burden throat, inflammation difficult to eliminate. Pharyngeal disease closely related to the general state of health, the prevention of pharyngitis basic conditions is to pay attention to the law of life. The diet should pay attention to eat some vitamin C in fruits, vegetables, and rich in collagen and elastin things, might drink a glass of salt water after gargling to prevent bacterial infections. Chronic pharyngitis caused by bacterial infection is not necessarily. He noted that in addition to pharyngitis caused by bacteria, in general, does not promote the use of antibiotics, the overuse of antibiotics but may cause throat normal flora imbalance, caused by a double infection. Lack of effective cure chronic pharyngitis, but lead to decreased immunity. If the patient feels dry mouth, long-term, foreign body sensation, itching, burning sensation, hoarseness and other symptoms, you should go to a regular hospital for throat examination, not abuse of antibiotics.

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