Roasted tea can relieve anxiety and mood


Baking tea is a green tea and other tea after tea with roasted obtained, although it is a form of green tea, but tea coke showing slightly brown hair, while astringent tannin content of green tea less than natural ingredients, flavor also more rich. In the test for the effect of aromatherapy, compared to before the smell of tea, then heard of α brainwave increased significantly within the brain, and α is an important indicator of brain brainwave function. “Although currently able to determine the aroma of roasted tea affect brain waves in the brain, but why baking tea can relieve anxiety and relaxing spirit detailed function remains unclear at present, perhaps the roasted tea aroma substances on the brain produced pyrazine effect compared to the general baking tea tea, which contains caffeine and tannin, which may have a stimulating effect on the gastrointestinal ingredients are less, more gentle on the stomach, more suitable stomach of poor people drink when you feel the mood irritability, might roasted tea while enjoying the fragrance of baking while drinking tea when drinking directly injected into boiling water to brew fast, fragrance can diverge even better. “irritability when completed take tea, brewing, smelling, tea in the process, to make people more relaxed mood, baking tea with tea better than other healing power.

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