Pathology and etiology of stain formation


People with allergies, the use of cosmetics is not suitable for their skin, causing skin allergies, in the course of therapy, such as excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause skin to resist against the outside world, gathered at the site of inflammation melanin pigment, this will appear pigmentation problems. Human metabolism is not smooth, or endocrine disorders of the body in a sensitive state, so that the pigment problem worse. Constipation can form plaques, in fact, endocrine disorders cause allergies formed. Physical condition is not normal when ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the formation of plaques. When people under pressure, it will secrete adrenaline, to deal with the pressure to prepare. If the long-term under pressure to balance the body’s metabolism will be destroyed, the skin tends to slow the supply of necessary nutrients, pigments mother cell will become very active. Sleep and eating the skin is very important, especially sleep, only without oxygen, no water shortage, the skin will be radiant. At the same time to drink more water, more soup, eat fruits, eggs and lean meat in the course of high quality protein on the skin smooth and delicate also help.

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