Ten reasons really make you fat


Fat people obese. In fact, this is wrong: a reasonable intake of fat does not make you fat.
1 eat “low-fat foods.” Although they are slightly lower than the average food calories, but also make you feel hungry soon, so eat more. If you want to maintain a normal metabolism, daily food to maintain a certain amount of fat.
2 sleeping too much or too little. Slept five hours or less a day and a half people, the chance of a normal sleep time than people with abdominal obesity 2.5 times higher. 6-7 hours of sleep a night was the best weight control.
3 total carbonated drink or sugar-free drinks. A survey in 2005 showed that drinking one to two glasses of soda a day will make you fat chance increased by 33%, even sugar-free drinks are not good enough to where to go.
4 eat one meal a day. A survey in 2011 showed that 17 percent of Americans trying to eat a few meals to achieve weight loss goals, but in fact, starved bodies store fat automatically in a state, it will exponentially increase your change fat possibilities.
5 a meal in less than 20 minutes. Stomach usually takes 20 minutes to tell the brain already full, if you eat less than this time, it will not accidentally eat more.
6 total choose to buy one get one free food. Restaurants and more will use the means to buy one get one free promotion, but it will let you save money because of the thrill of eating more.
7 dishes filled with great stuff. Research shows that 98.6 percent of obese people with a platter for dinner.
8. Put the pot on the table. Do the kitchen all the food put on the table. Because if something on the table finished, very few people would go to the kitchen shouting, to avoid excessive eating.
9 drink too little. Drink two glasses of water before eating people, people will drink no less than 30 calories intake, better ice effect.
10. Often emotional eating. Studies have shown that people who eat and drink bad mood on the probability of fat ten times higher than normal. If you want to eat something when you are angry, it may chew chewing gum or go for a walk.


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