Increase basal metabolic rate


Basal metabolism in the human body is the awake supine, fasting and energy environment of 20 degrees Celsius under metabolic conditions, basal metabolic rate per unit of time is to maintain the basic life activities of the minimum energy consumption, this energy consumption is relatively constant. Basal metabolic rate accounted for the largest proportion of total energy consumption is about 60% to 75% of the daily energy consumption. It is to maintain normal body functions, such as the energy value breathing, heart function and thermoregulation needs. Increase the basal metabolic rate factors include an increase in net organizations, young, body temperature anomalies, hyperthyroidism gland skills hyperthyroidism. Lower basal metabolic rate factors include low-calorie intake, lack of a net loss of tissue and thyroid function. In addition, differences in the genetic aspects of metabolism can reach 10% to 20% (which is also one of the reasons why some people eat no fat). Effects of exercise on muscle energy metabolism is very significant. The degree of muscle strength muscle activity called the work, which is commonly referred to as the labor intensity or physical activity. Labor intensity and oxygen consumption is proportional to the value of the energy metabolism therefore can be used as indicators of the labor intensity of the evaluation. When the body is in a state of tension spiritual activities, such as worry, fear or strong emotion, such as skeletal muscle can cause tension unconscious enhance and promote the metabolism of endocrine hormones such as increased release of adrenaline, so that the energy metabolism was significantly higher. Food specific dynamic action refers to the process because the heat caused by the consumption of food intake. Experiments show that ingestion can increase metabolic heat. Food specific dynamic action of various nutrients vary, heat loss during intake of sugar is equivalent to 5% to 6% of the heat produced by the sugar itself, fat 4% to 5%, the protein is about 30%.

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