30 minutes to lose weight to play badminton


Movement in the badminton very fast, which requires the opposing player’s eyes firmly pursue high-speed flight of the ball, eye ciliary muscle contraction and relaxation constant, greatly contributed to the blood supply to the eye tissue, thereby improving the ciliary muscle function, long-term exercise can improve the ability to respond to human visual sensitivity and eye. For ordinary fans, especially the elderly and the excessive use of the eyes of the people, if they can keep practicing, visual acuity will be significantly improved. In addition, the movement exercisers need to use the power of wrist and arm grip and swing, but also full activity ankle, knee, hip joints and other parts to make sliding, tiptoes step and lunge variety of gait, so for exercising muscles and joints is very adequate. In picking, catching the process, constantly bending over, looked up etc, and the waist, abdominal muscles can fully exercise. Therefore, the long-term badminton exercise, in addition to the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system can function has been strengthened, the slimming effect is very significant.

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