Dental care of the elderly


Older people have bad teeth, always reluctant to go to the hospital to see a doctor. In addition to the elderly susceptible to periodontal disease and dental caries, dental and long-term rough edges, sharp, easy to bite the tongue edge or buccal mucosa, often rubbing can cause acute oral leukoplakia or ulcers. For the long-term healing occurs in ventral tongue, floor of the mouth and teeth mouth ulcers after area, to go to the hospital as soon as possible, so as not to delay treatment to prevent malignant transformation. The elderly often due to missing teeth, oral diseases, and even full mouth of teeth missing, in order to restore normal chewing and speech, should be promptly denture repair. A denture good or bad, except the production process sophistication, but also have a good design, so as to meet the physiological requirements of the oral cavity. Therefore, we must go to a regular hospital to find a professional dentist mouth design, production, and after a certain time try and adjust in order to achieve the desired effect repair. Every meal should wash dentures at night before going to bed to remove the denture soak in water after cleaning, let the oral tissues to rest and make dentures without deformation.

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