Green tea can prevent stomach ulcers


Green tea catechins inhibit or even kill cause gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer Helicobacter pylori. The researchers found that in more than a dozen experimental sample, 2% weight of green tea catechins can inhibit Helicobacter pylori has been, if catechin weight increased 4 percent, more able to kill bacillus. H. pylori growth tenacious force, can release an enzyme, and thus produce large amounts of alkaline ammonia to form a protective film, even then a high gastric acidity, nor can it kill. But catechin able to prevent H. pylori produce ammonia, reducing its activity. There drinking habits, found that H. pylori stomach ratio is relatively low, further confirmed the results of this study. Higher catechin content of green tea, black tea, Longjing tea contains catechins which the highest, followed by Japanese green tea and jasmine tea. If you have stomach pain after drinking tea ﹑ no appetite and other phenomena, it is best to drink less is better to get something to eat or drink before.

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