Hair qualitative difference may be due to the lack of nutrition


Hair thickness, number, curved straight, color traits, there is a large degree of genetic resistance. However, if and ordinary compared to the state of hair suddenly obvious abnormal changes in the average daily hair loss ratio increased significantly, it is generally declining health performance. People know that mental stress and emotional stimuli cause hair loss, severe cases may even lead to a lot of hair loss and bald scalp of local circumstances. On the other hand, malnutrition can also cause hair loss. For example, in the case of the apparent lack of protein, hair is not only slow growth, but also easy to fall off, and made ??qualitative difference, thinning hair, brittle hair, dry, color lighter. This is because the nature of the hair keratin, which is a protein; hair melanin formation, but also called “tyrosine” amino acid as the starting material. The manufacture of melanin and keratin in the process, they need a variety of B vitamins and trace elements to help, these nutrients come from food. In addition to protein, B vitamins and trace elements dieting state is a serious shortage of supply state, particularly the major grains and meat from vitamin B1. Meat and nuts are good sources of trace elements such as iron, zinc, manganese, zinc, etc., if they lack the quality of the hair will be affected. The so-called black sesame eat up hair saying, in fact, precisely because of trace elements contained in the rich black sesame seeds. But the black sesame seeds also contain a lot of oxalic acid and phytic acid, the absorption rate is much lower than meat. If you can pronged, eat black sesame seeds and also eat meat, the effect will be much better. Therefore, when fat qualitative difference, to reflect on their own diet.

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