Can reduce Hypolipidemic of vegetables


Proportion chili highest vitamin C in all foods. Vitamin C can improve the body’s microcirculation, reduce capillary fragility, while vitamin C also can reduce cholesterol levels, is a natural lipid-lowering foods. Japanese researchers found that capsaicin seasoning can promote fat metabolism, prevent the accumulation of body fat, which has the effect of lipid-lowering and weight loss. Hypertensive patients, patients with stomach should be less edible peppers. Eggplant intradermal rich in vitamin P, there is a significant reduction in blood lipids and cholesterol functions. Vitamin P can also increase the flexibility of capillaries, improve microcirculation, with obvious blood, tongmai function. In addition, eggplant also contains large amounts of saponin, but also can reduce blood cholesterol. Therefore, the eggplant is the ideal food for patients with hypertension, atherosclerosis is concerned. Garlic has a significant role in lowering blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis, and can effectively prevent thrombosis. Regular consumption of garlic, can produce significant cardiovascular protective effects. Garlic is also known as “medicinal plants in gold.” Celery and cool, rich in vitamins and minerals, can enhance gastric peristalsis, there is a good laxative effect, can help eliminate excess fat gut. Foreign studies have demonstrated that regular consumption of celery people, cholesterol levels dropped significantly, but also significantly lower blood pressure.

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