Excessive smoking will cause damage to one’s spine


Researchers nearly 3000 volunteers conducted a survey and follow-up, participants were mostly young people aged around 20, The results showed that heavy smokers, the risk of future spine problems increased, including back pain, inflammatory diseases, and even degenerative disc disease and so on. Further analysis found that the risk of a “two-way”, that is, the people who have spinal problems, the higher the chance of addicted smokers. Smoking can cause vasoconstriction, resulting in reduced blood flow flowing into the vertebrae, intervertebral disc nutritional supply is affected, then the occurrence of pathological changes in pain, inflammation, and degenerative diseases, etc., leads to increased risk of spinal disorders. The spine discomfort people, they often want to suppress or relieve pain by smoking, caught in a vicious cycle. The new research on the one hand to tell you, not only smoking lung injury, but also cause irreversible effects on the bone;

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