Toothpaste can not be used to treat burns


The nature of burns caused by the high temperature of the tissue damage, is part of human dermal capillary wall heat burn injury, and thus increased permeability, plasma leakage into the extravascular, local skin erythema and edema. If the capillary walls badly damaged, leaking liquids too, these leaking liquid will accumulate between the epidermis and dermis to form blisters. When the burn occurs only immediately removed from heat, reduce scald local skin temperature, high temperature continued to be able to minimize the damage to human skin. Well, first aid rapid cooling is the most important task of burns. So, what I have painted toothpaste practices can understand. This is because the toothpaste has a cooling effect of cold and a lot of toothpaste containing mint, cool mint, after smearing the patient feel more able to reduce the pain, so I find toothpaste valid. People know that toothpaste is used to brush your teeth, not drugs. If the burn parts of the skin is damaged, its barrier capacity will decline, making the injured area more susceptible bacterial infections. Once the wound infection will affect the wound healing process, so prevention is also an important step in the treatment of burns wound infection. The toothpaste itself is not sterile, it is inevitable there will be the long-term use of toothpaste bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, such as toothpaste with fragile deposited in the wound, the wound will undoubtedly increase the chance of infection. In addition, there are many kinds of toothpaste, some acidic, some alkaline, and some contain very strong irritant. The toothpaste applied to the wound, but also may erode the wound, increasing the damage of the wound. After scald burns should immediately reduce the temperature of the site, the easiest way is to find the nearest cold water and ice to reduce local skin temperature. Cooling can no longer let the heat penetrate to the depths, but also so that capillary contraction, reducing the effectiveness of blisters occur. If severe burns need medical treatment, covering the wound toothpaste will cover up the wound, so that doctors can not immediately determine the size and depth of the wound, you must first clean the rescue again, this process is time consuming, but will increase the suffering of patients. So, faced with a lot of security risks exist after applying toothpaste. Suggest that you have to burn the case would not have to use toothpaste.

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