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Good morning or evening shampoo shampoo good?
Wash your hair in the morning or evening to wash healthy, with no scientific conclusion. Whether it is morning or wash your hair at night, if not dry, so that water retention in the scalp, this leads to long stagnation of qi and blood stasis, Meridian occlusion, as suffering from depressive illness. All either morning or evening hair shampoo, dry hair, if not in a timely manner, due to its impact on the hair is the same, there is no damage to the smaller of which is to say. But if we consider the cleanliness recommended shampoo at night. After a day of sun and wind, the inevitable there will be dust or residue on the hair styling products, is likely to result if you do not wash the hair follicle blockage. Evening cleaning the hair is very important, as the face and body cleansing, the most important thing in the evening.
Process of dry hair is also very important. Normally, we always love to repeatedly rub with a dry towel wet hair, wet hair and sometimes beat, hope and competent hair quickly. However, after a hot soak the roots and massage, blood circulation, the pores open, so we manhandled, hair is easily pulled off.
After the hair clean, dry towel with a large water siphoning off as much as possible on the hair after using a large comb gently comb, then air dry. If you need to use a hair dryer, you should use a soft file, the most appropriate distance of 10-15 cm, do not let the hot air too close to, if they wanted to make fluffy hair pulled, might try to dry the opposite direction, so they can make hair fluffy type .
Less wash skin, hair could have lost something?
When looking at the clouds of hair shampoo is really liver children chatter, so are not touch the scalp, afraid out even stronger. In fact, when they had come off dry hair, with hair conditioner lubrication before falling down. More scalp hair loss should be a good clean, especially oily scalp, the hair follicle thoroughly cleaned, will keep the new hair is more robust. Use your finger more strength massage, pushing the scalp rather than arrested.
Shampoo your hair healthy and beautiful sitting right
Shampoo preparatory work done before:
The tangled hair comb open, can be opened from the hair comb slowly at the end, and then comb hair roots from the beginning to the end, even the head down, from the Ministry of forward Naoshao comb open, let hair smooth, promote blood circulation perform cleaning work to do more with less! You can also make the entire oil moistens the hair on the scalp, the scalp will also drop dead cells and hair brush. This step is very important, especially for dry hair person, can stimulate blood circulation and oil secretion, thereby enabling some of the hair more moisture.
The frequency of shampoo to moderate
In the South, or the summer, or pomade and more, they feel uncomfortable, you can wash once a day; in the north, or in winter, wash 2-3 times a week is enough.
To properly shampoo
Should be wet hair, then shampoo into the palm, and add water to dilute, then rub from the occipital and temporal bubble wash up, do not wash the shampoo liquid into the top of the head from, not dry, Avoid strong stimulation top of the head (greasy and easy to take off area) excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands. Do not grab her hair, apply the pulp or palm and gently rub with a nail wash. If the hair is dry, wash your hair with shampoo once will be enough, and if the hair is oily, will have a multi-use shampoo.
Shampoo time to fit
Shampoo in the head do not stay more than five minutes, you should rinse as soon as possible. Morning or evening shampoo can be, but it should be dry hair before bed.
Shampoo water temperature from high to low
Water temperature at 30-40, but do not overheat. Too hot will become crunchy brittle hair is too cold to go greasy decontamination poor results.
Hair care tips: water temperature will particularly affect subsequent modeling effect, so pay attention to design their own shampoo and water, and finally must be slightly lowered again, this will close the cuticle better, the hair feels very supple. After the class to do hair styling, the more the effect, more shiny hair.


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