The sound of the water can ease the anxiety emotion


When you’re upset, when to go to nature, listening to the gurgling sound of water, you will not feel the mood miraculously calmed down? Studies have shown that this is not the psychological effect of some people, but the sound of water can effectively prevent the accumulation of stress, relieve restlessness. The sound of water and the white noise of ongoing brain are able to wake up, so that the brain produces in a natural evolutionary process, the natural environment is to recognize the origin of life. Therefore, the nature forest bath behavior is beneficial for humans. “Findings can be clear that the stream of sound, the sound of the water flow has slowed pressure effect. If they feel their pressure, might have time drawn to the outskirts of the weekend to see the waterfall, listen to the sound of water, or usually at home can also be bubble bath, play with water, let yourself get physically and mentally relax and rest.

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