Mysteries hidden in the hair of


Dry hair or body lacks protein, disease problems vitamin A, zinc, essential fatty acids performance, or thyroid area. Oily skin and greasy hair or because of human zinc deficiency, caused by folic acid and vitamin B6. Coarse hair or because lack of protein and vitamins A, there may be hypothyroidism. Split ends can be a symptom of anemia, in addition to vitamin B6, magnesium iron zinc deficiency can also cause such problems. Premature hair graying or herald the human endocrine problems, in addition to vitamin B, copper, or folic acid deficiency may also be the cause. Dandruff scalp disorders, such as, or there is seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc., may be due to fungal infection, resistance to lack of performance, in addition to the lack of B vitamins, zinc, essential fatty acids will also lead to the disease.

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