Collagen can strengthen your bones


Often, people think of bone material, will first think of calcium, followed by phosphorus. “About 80 percent of bone calcium and other minerals accounted for the weight, and the weight in the center of the protein collagen occupy about 20%, so that seems the proportion of minerals in bones overwhelming win, but it is not . “the so-called 80%: 20% ratio is only from the perspective of weight comparison, according to the volume of contrast, the proportion of minerals and protein for 50%: 50%, ie both in bone volume is almost . Younger age and the increasing number of osteoporosis so that people more and more attention to the destruction of a happy life with chronic illness. It is widely believed, osteoporosis because bone calcium loss, which leads to osteoporosis, but in fact, collagen is also related to the pathogenesis of osteoporosis are closely linked. If bridging portion of the collagen problems are likely to lead to osteoporosis. Originally a substance called phenol pyridine as a bridging material closely together, but with the reduction of age and physical activity, poor bridging molecule called pentose hormone will continue to increase, to a certain number of after the man’s bones become more fragile and prone to Duanzhe. This increase in adverse want to prevent bridging molecules intake of B vitamins are very effective approach. But the first thing to note is good to do so that the original collagen bridges, and want to achieve this goal, we first need to do is to strengthen the movement, rather than directly collagen. Because exercise can bring some impact to the bone, and this stimulation can continue to stimulate the original bridge generation, and promote strong bones.

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