Jogging treatment of prostatitis


A few hours a week of exercise may help prevent prostate disease, such as jogging every day, you can relieve urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, urination and other symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Appropriate jogging prostatitis patients can not only treat prostatitis, physical properties of the body is also a good way to improve, so it can better prevent other diseases. This is because running makes the prostate and surrounding tissues and organs of blood active, while abdominal visceral organs, especially the omentum and intestine, there will be rules, there are efforts to impact on the prostate, played the role of massage. Moderate jogging every day can significantly reduce the incidence of prostatitis, while patients with prostatitis can play the role of adjuvant therapy. Note also that while running the treatment of prostatitis do some necessary protective measures, such as nose breathing, so that you can prevent air from dust and other stimuli trachea, causing coughing and other symptoms. In addition, patients rarely performed physical exercise, should also pay attention in the early step by step, not the beginning to a very high intensity treadmill therapy, so it will damage the body.

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