People who love running and delicate skin


Love running, usually upright posture, no excess body fat, muscle solid, smooth lines. Running men keen rate of about 10 percent body fat, even ordinary runners, body fat rate was 14 to 23 percent. Running in addition to make weight loss, but also improve heart and lung function. Love runners, especially women, color is very good, just start running, it must become beautiful. This is because, when the body fat reduction, muscles become tight, action will follow to become agile and supple, accelerate metabolism, the skin becomes smooth and shiny. Meanwhile, running can release the pressure, expanding the social side, people become independent, self-confident, which shine from the inside and outside. To be reminded that just started trying running man, poor physical condition, or older people who pay attention to the following points when running: a walk uphill. Uphill, myocardial function and respiratory dysfunction who want to slow down the pace, the best walking uphill. 2 rain does not run. Rainy slippery, blurry vision, prone to falls and other accidents, then it is best not to go out running, you can exercise indoors. 3 high temperature does not run. Temperature above 27 ℃, humidity above 70% when not to go running, otherwise it will increase the body burden. 4 fully warm up, warm up for at least 10 minutes before the run. 5 appropriately brisk walking. Limited physical condition who can properly be replaced by brisk running, as good results.

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